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I understand and agree that any employment that may result from this application will be for no definite period or duration and may be terminated at any time without notice or cause at the option of either the company or me. If employed I agree to acquaint myself with and to abide by any rules regulations instructions policies and procedures of Hobby-Lobby International. I acknowledge and agree that Hobby-Lobby International has the absolute right to change its policies procedures and...
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Hi everybody I wanted to share with you what I got in the mail this week this is my five year certificate from Hobby Lobby and why five year anniversary was last February and I finally got it this is of November I also got a five year pen and what I've been waiting for two hundred fifty dollar gift card for Hobby Lobby to go shopping yay it would have been nice to get it while I was still working there because you get a 15% discount on everything even on top of your cells so that comes to pretty good savings sometimes now what it's like to work for Hobby Lobby I started there in January of 2010 and I just left in September and every store is different I ran the floral department and now I decorated the store did all the floral designs and trees decorate all that up so it all depends on your manager if you have a good manager can be a fun job but no matter what it is a lot of work as with any job they're expecting more and more out of you with less help you know everybody wants to do keep work work work so anyways if you want to work at hopping out if people ask me all the time what does it like to work here is it a good place to work as far as the company goes yeah they give you things like this bonus is here they didn't have to do that I've never gotten a total $50 gift card from anybody else that I worked for so that's pretty cool and at Christmas time if you are a full time employee now full time employee is a department head rarely ever if you as a cashier or it's anything else you're not really considered full times there is a head cashier so if you get in on a store when they first open and are made a department head where you are in charge of ordering for that department then you will get top pay which is right now 1520 for an hour otherwise everybody starts out as a cashier if you're getting it on an existing store you start out as a cashier one over $10 an hour and then if you are good worker and you prove yourself and they have openings which every once in a while they have a good turnover and somebody two or three people will leave and then you have a chance to move up into that position if you show that you are you know capable of doing the work so it is a good company to work for but it is different departments there was the floral department which I ran and there's paper crafts crafts jewelry wearables arts and hobbies framing fabric needlework and seasonal and of course your front end which is yours there's usually three CSM's and your cashiers and there's also um backroom Stockman they've cleaned the store run boxes they unload trucks all that stuff and there's usually somebody in charge back there and there are opportunities for management to you usually have two depending on the size of the store an assistant manager or to a co-manager which is just below the store manager and you have a store manager and if you want to work the hours and put it put the out you know the time in which is a lot of work you can advance they make...